Monday, 21 March 2016


I thought an introduction through an Adele lyric quote would be the perfect method of greeting anyone who stumbles onto my blog. Also I probably should admit that I do rather like that song, and find it quite fitting sometimes. 

Now less of my rambling and onto my introduction. I'm Natalie and I'm from Birmingham however I happen to attend university in York. My university life and experiences are what have encouraged and inspired me to start writing a blog again. I thought writing this blog would give me a perfect platform to be able to look back on my three years at university in the future, and it would allow me to see how much I've managed to change and grow as a person. Thus that is the whole reasoning behind this blog. Each of my entries are going to be reflections or memories of experiences that I have happened due/or with the aid of university. I'm feeling many of these entries are going to contain many a life lesson as so far at uni I have learned many a thing about being an 'independent' person within the real world. Especially when it comes to the likes of going out to night clubs, managing my student loan, my many uncompleted reading lists, and having to cook for myself. However each of these lessons have helped me grow as a person (even though I only started in September I have changed massively as a person since then) and I don't regret a single one of them. 

Therefore I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures at university and join me on the journey yourselves, it's definitely going to be a rollercoaster ride so hold on. 

Until next time, 

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