Saturday, 2 April 2016


The above quote honestly has a great deal of meaning to me lately, and only as my first year of university begins to draw to a close have I had time to reflect on everything that has happened. Ever since starting university I personally believe and stand by the fact that as a person I've certainly changed and I know this sounds very cliché but I'm proud of who I've became. It's taken a great deal of experiences whether good or bad, socializing with new and different people and taking that big step into adulthood and independence for this to happen but it's perfectly molded me into who I am today. This is why I thought that this would be the perfect chance to reflect upon this change because I know that as university goes on, I'm going to continue to change and grow as a person.

When starting university in September, I was a shy, awkward and quiet person who never used to drink and hated social situations. Who I was back then perfectly helps me understand why I struggled a great deal with settling in when I first started, even to the extent of wanting to drop out straight away. During this time I was pretty homesick and honestly didn't live freshers up as much as I now wish I did (second chance for that in September though) however I managed to pull through this with the help of my super supportive flat mates and friends back at home.

As time went by, I begun to enjoy myself much more and even participated more with the social aspects especially drinking. I must admit my first experience being drunk is not one I'm going to forget as it was pretty funny. The socializing helped me become more outgoing as a person and made me more willing to make new friends (which I certainly have done luckily). Here's a top tip too: It's always much easier to make new friends when you are drunk, I know this from experience! From about October I begun to go out on nights out much more regularly and through this I did begin to realize that I was changing from who I was originally however I just wasn't too sure if this was a change for the better or not. Yet I'd personally say that this helped me become more confident and I know that seems silly just from going out a lot but it honestly brought me out of my comfort zone. 

Not only did going out help change me as a person but also the people that I have been luckily enough to be surrounded by every day. When I first when to university I was so worried that I wasn't actually going to get along with the people that they had chose for me to live with however luckily I got along with them really well and still do. I honestly don't know what I would do without certain people that I live with especially since we've had so many amazing experiences and memories with each other. 

Becoming independent was also an important factor in my change, as it has helped me become my own person. Growing up I had been quite lucky with my parents as they often treated me like a pampered only child and still do to this day however this didn't exactly help when I had to fend for myself at uni. It's took me many attempts at managing my finances and not wasting it all on pointless things, cooking for myself even though I've still managed to burn many a microwaveable meal, and just looking after myself in general. Yet this independence that I have gained as helped me grow into an adult even though it's a hard life! 

Therefore over the last year I have changed a great deal but I'm rather happy and proud of how far I've managed to come especially with everything else going on at the same time. It's easy to forget how much we actually change because we don't get much chance to reflect upon it, but honestly you should and actually congratulate yourself for it. 

Change can be both negative and positive but it is what you learn from it is what matters. 


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